April intentions catch up:
Day 5: Tree Pose
Day 6: Cat/Cow
Day 7: Side crow/fallen angel
Day 8: Perched pigeon or flying

I did two pictures of the tree pose because I never have my hands praying like that, but I couldn’t get a better picture. I was so frustrated all day today and decided to catch up with this challenge because I am doing really bad at it. I am doing bad at everything this week. It’s too stressful. Today is my day to get organized and try not to have any more panic attacks.

My computer is still broke so these were the best photos I could get.

I can’t do the side crow or fallen angel so I just did the regular crow. I did attempt it though :-)

I have never tried most of these poses that are coming up and have never been able to do anything on my hands or head (besides the crow and I love the crow!). I will try everything, but may not be able to do all the poses. I still really like this challenge a lot :-)

My intentions for the past couple of days were to be patient. Things will come soon enough. I don’t need to rush things or to worry and stress about things that are so far off.

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